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Are you ready for Frankie mania? Then start queuing for the tour of the century when Paul, Ped, Nasher, Holly and Mark play Britain in February.

The band warm up by visiting America in November and will release their next single ‘The Power Of Love just in time for Crimbo. Their LP ‘Welcome To Pleasure Dome includes covers of Bruce Springsteens ‘Born To Run and Dionne Warwicks ‘Do You Know The Way To San Jose?.

The Frankies were amused to hear of a chap called Cyril Trots To Bognor who camped outside Sarm Studios last week and gave them his taped parodies of their hits — ‘You Rats and ‘Two Tripes — as well as his manic version of Bowies ‘Heroes which Mr Trott calls ‘Weirdoes. Wake up, record companies: Cyril could be big. Then again, he could fade into instant obscurity…