ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

One to 1

About 18 months ago a new terror struck the earth. The Lizards had arrived. Desperately, everyone tried to destroy the visitors.

We were about to give up, when Robins baby (the green one that looked like Simon Le Bon) died. Dr Maxwell and Julie discovered the bacteria which had killed the lump and then made large amounts of it to kill the lingering liazrds. Luckily for us, this worked.

We settled back into ordinary life, until suddently a new threat arrived. Frankie Goes To Hollywood came to torture us. Nobody could escape the tribe of five, we had no choice but to surrender.

Now we victims walk the streets wearing our “Frankie Say…” T-shirts, and buying all the thousands of different mixes to ‘Two Tribes.

Frankie came to Earth. We went mad!

A Very Loony Silent Running Fan, Boston.

The last two letters should explain the close ties that No.1 enjoys with Frankie. An out-of-this-world combination, you might say.