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Frankie chickens

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD joined the exclusive club previously restricted to Elvis Presley, the Beatles and John Lennon last week when they occupied the top two positions in the British singles charts.

But unlike any of their fellow members, Frankie have achieved the feat with their first two singles. Following the rise of their second single, ‘Two Tribes to the top slot, their first single ‘Relax has shot back up to Number 2.

Relax has never been out of the charts since its first entry before Christmas — despite the farcical BBC ban — and is now certain to become one of the top ten selling British singles of all time.

For ‘Two Tribes the BBC have so far contented themselves with banning the video for fear of upsetting the sensitivities of Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan or Constantin Chernenko. And the band have been allowed to perform the single — which shot straight to Number One in its first week of release — on Top Of The Pops.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood are spending this month in the studio with their producer Trevor Horn working on their first album, which is scheduled for autumn release. Its hoped theyll play dates to coincide with its release although nothing has been finalised as yet.