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Can Frankie give ‘em the old one-two?

City pop group aims for double

COULD It happen? That was the question being asked by top Liverpool pop sensation Frankie Goes To Hollywood, today.

For if computer predictions are right, the group could be number one and two in the British chart next I week — something never done before in British pop history.

The reason is the continued staggering success of their debut single Relax, which has now been in the charts for 32 weeks and sold over 1½ million copies.

The single went to number one and then dropped down the charts to 34 before starting its amazing revival in the I last few weeks, edging its way back to number five at the moment.

“Its incredible. If sales keep going the way they are, then theres no doubt that the group will be number one and two when the charts are announced on Tuesday,” said Neil Storey, their record company spokesman today.


“The group are absolutely shattered by it all. They have their fingers crossed, but they are breaking all sorts of records.”

He added: “There doesnt seem to be any obvious reason why this is happening, although a lot of people who didnt buy Relax the first time around seem to be buying a copy at the same time they buy Two Tribes.”

Neil Storey said he didnt think that the current ban on the Two Tribes video would affect sales.

And millions of Frankie fans who stayed up into the early hours today to watch the controversial showing must have wondered what all the fuss was about.

The video, shown on Granada at 1 a.m., shows actors portraying President Reagan and Russias Mr. Chernonko fighting with each other.