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“Frankie Say War! Hide Yourself” is just one of the slogans splashed across the latest Frankie Goes To Hollywood masterplan — the baggy political t-shirt, modelled here by Paul Rutherford plus small friend. The range includes such classics as “We Love Dreams!”, “Arm The Unemployed” and “Death Is Dung”. Eventually theyll be available from their fan club etc… but what if you dont want to wait? Starts got the answer, in the form of a competition. Yes weve got 10 of the little perishers (well, rather large perishers actually) just laying here waiting to be won and worn by you. All you have to do is answer this question.

From which person did Frankie Goes To Hollywood get their name? (a) Frank Bough; (b) Frank Sinatra; (c) Frank Spencer; or (d) Frankenstein?

Answers on a postcard or the back of an envelope to Smash Hits Frankie Competition, 52-55 Carnaby Street, London W1V 1PF and have them in by July 4.