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One to 1

Did you hear him? Did you? Did you hear Peter Powell singing ‘Relax? I was never offended when Frankie Goes To Hollywood sang it, but I was when that idiot did.

And will they ban him? I certainly hope so!

Roger Taylors Speech Therapist.

Our message to Pete Is: Relax, dont do It. When you wanna sing it, hum!

Haye you noticed just how hypocritical Top Of The Pops are?

They seem to love banning records like ‘Relax and anything else that is thought to be “rude” — probably in the opinion of a 90 year old spinster that is.

Then, on the programme itself, they love shooting camera angles up ladies skirts. As soon as theres a female singer on youre guaranteed that the camera will try and creep up her leg.

Thats not what makes me really mad, though. Its just the way theyre so high and mighty in other areas thats sickening.

So, TOTP, put your own house in order before you try and impose on anyone else!

Tracey Webster, Richmond, London.

Michael Hurll, you have been warned!