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I wondered whether you could find out where Peter ‘Pedro Gill (of Frankie Goes To Hollywood) obtained his Red Star badge, as worn by him in Smash Hits (April 26). Im not being too pushy if I ask whether hes got a spare one, am I?

Paul Owen, Mexborough.

Well my Mum always used to say “nothing ventured, nothing gained” but this case Im afraid it hasnt got you anywhere! However, I can tell you that the badge came from a military suppliers called Quartermasters, based at 3 Torrens Street, London EC1. Frankie visited the shop about two months ago and came out with a selection of army camouflage trousers and shirts, lengths of green and grey webbing, their choice of badges plus the odd replica gun thrown in. The shop, which imports military cast-offs from all over the world, tends to get a lot of their trade from theatre and television companies, but they do get their quota of “young trendies” — King Kurt went in there only last week! Badges, incidentally, start at £1.50 but for more details of their mail order service and a copy of their catalogue, write to them enclosing 50p postal order.