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Gold, Frankie says, and myrrh

Frankie Goes To Hollywood have tackled a lot of Important Topics already this year — things like Sex, War and Love. Now they face up to the biggest issue of the lot — Christmas. Are they for it or against? And why? Holly, Paul, Mark, Ped and Nasher tell all. Words: Ian Cranna. Photo: Peter Ashworth.


Christmas? Im basically for it. Oh, deffo (laughs). Its a good thing.

Where Id really like to be is on a beach in the Bahamas but I suppose in a way just because of the holiday value. I think Ill be at home with my mum and dad in Liverpool. Everyone should be at home really. Ive got like close family, like brothers and sisters and nephews, and mum and dad, but I dont see many relatives outside that. No doubt Ill see them this Christmas, a lot of them! (Laughs). Oh, what fun!

No-one goes out on Christmas Day, do they? Everywheres just desolate and everyones at home — thats what I dont like about it, the quietness. Its a very emotional time, Christmas. I dont know why — it just is.

Best and worst Christmas? The best one I think I got a fab magic set from my mum (laughs). I was very young, about six, something like that. I was very pleased with that. I was pissed off last
Christmas — or was it the Christmas before? — because I didnt want to spend another Christmas on the dole, because it can be a bit depressing, so maybe this Christmas Ill be a bit happier.

The Queens Speech? If it comes on the television while Im sitting there in front of it, then possibly I ll watch it. I always like to see what shes wearing! I I mean, they are a source of entertainment, the Royal Family — I quite buzz off them in that respect.

Favourite carol? I suppose I should say ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful, shouldnt I? But its ‘Once In Royal Davids City I think. I used to do it in the church choir — that was my solo bit! (Laughs)

New Years resolutions? To be a bit more organised, basically. I just create this mess around me! (Laughs).I dont know — its just something I have a talent l for, creating disarray!


I like the presents. And the dinner! Of course Im for it.

Id like to be on a beach somewhere — I really hate snow.

Id either like to be in a place where theres real snow — because we went skiing at the beginning of the year, the band, and we had a great time — but Id prefer to be with sand, sun and sand.

Ive got one sister, Monica, who my dad always spends Christmas with, and I tend to spend Christmas with. A lot of my sisters live in America — they dont come home for Christmas so a family occasion is quite rare. Its quite a big family but I dont really see them.

My best Christmas I think was when me and my twin sister were about ten and one of my sisters who lives in America — she lived on an Air Force base over here, so we had an American Christmas and it was really over the top — it was brilliant. Worst? Oh… theyre all bad when youre drunk and stuck in town and you cant get a bloody cab home, and its always freezing cold — thats the bit I hate.

The Queens Speech? Its always playing somewhere in the background but I never take much heed of it. Sorry, Lizzie. They do the job — I suppose they do it well. I just dont like those hats and those coats they wear.

Favourite carol? I like ‘Silent Night — I think its great! (Giggles). And I like ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, and ‘Frosty The Snowman — its great. Good song. I like that Phil Spector Christmas Album — its brilliant.

New Years resolutions? I dont need to make any! (Laughs). I just need to break a few! I never keep to them, so whats the point? Its too traditional for me, all that rubbish. I cant handle it. All these people — do you need a New Year to do it?


Im all for the getting drunk and getting presents bit! I suppose its a good time, yeah. Nobody really knows what its about any more — they just go out and get drunk, dont they? I think its a time when everyone can get drunk and get loads of days off work!

Ill be at home in Liverpool. Theres about eight of us in the house — Ive got a lot of brothers and sisters. I dont see my relatives that much but I have got a lot. One of them will always have a party.

The best Christmas Ive ever spent would be when I got a bike — it was called a Dragster, this bike, and everyone was buying Toppers and I had one that was different so I thought it was great. Christmas was better when you were a kid. Worst Christmas? Not last Christmas but the Christmas before — it was dead boring. It just didnt feel like Christmas, know what I mean?

The Queens Speech? Nah. More likely be — what would I be doing then? Is that before the Christmas Top Of The Pops? I turn the telly off after Top Of The Pops, stick some records on. Im not really bothered about it. Theyre there and you cant do nothing about them, whether you like them or not. (Sarcastically) I just think theyre underpaid — they deserve a lot more money. I dont know how they can live on the pittance they get.

Favourite carol? I suppose its the one you remember most from school — that was ‘Silent Night. We used to go round where we used to live and sing Christmas carols with a guitar, me and Nasher. We did! We made loads of money — we used to start out in about October!

New Years resolutions? I dont really make New Years resolutions. But I think we might be in New York on New Year so that1I be good.


Im for Christmas, yeah. Because its a happy time of the year and everyones happy and Im happy.

I hope to be spending Christmas at home in Liverpool with my family — mum and dad, sister — all at home. I have quite a few relatives but I dont usually see them over Christmas Day.

Its usually like in between Christmas and New Year when theres lots of parties. I usually see them all then. Cards? I always forget to send Christmas cards, or usually Christmas comes and Ive got about two days before — I always mess it up!

I dont think Ive had a bad Christmas. All the Christmases Ive had have been good for me. Theyre all good. The most surprising Christmas present when I was younger was when I got a bike. That was about ten years ago. Usually you find out just before what youve got — you check all the cupboards upstairs to find the hidden presents. I wasnt expecting this because Id checked all the cupboards and you couldnt hide a bike in a little cupboard. Next door had it in! I didnt expect that so it was a good surprise.

The Queens Speech? No. Ive never watched the Queens Speech. Its not that I dont think Id be interested, its just that Ive always been out in the pub or something. Im for them — I just think its good to have people like that, rather than just having nothing. I just like to have people you can look at and think, well, royalty. Nothing really deep — just to have it, I think its good.

Favourite carol? No. None at all.

New Years resolutions? To stop getting drunk, to calm down a bit, because Im going a bit mad with the other two at the moment. Were all a bad influence on each other!


Its good. You get drunk! Nah — Christmas is a time for giving and receiving. Its generally the atmosphere that people have got. Everyones happy. Theres not much to be happy about these days and Christmas is an excuse to forget it all.

Christmas dinner and all that? Dead good. Theres only four of us and three of us still live at home — my mum, my dad and our kid. Ive loads of relatives. All the ones you havent seen since last Christmas all come together — you all go round to each others houses. It used to be great when you were a kid because youd come back with about a tenner because theyd all give you money!

Not last Christmas but the year before was the best Christmas Ive had. I was in the pub for nineteen consecutive nights! Ive never really had a real bummer of a Christmas. Best Christmas present? Subbuteo. Id already had the first edition when I was about eight or nine, and then I got the World Cup one when I was about ten — the Continental goals and all that — the spotted polka dot ball.

The Queens Speech? No! I dont like them. I just think theyre a waste of time. I wish I could get that much money for doing so little. Being a tourist attraction — why dont they pay Nelsons Column?

Favourite carol? ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful! What a predictable answer! But you know when they all get dead loud at the end when theyre all a bit raucous — its like all the aunties and uncles who were into going to church and all that used to sing it after Christmas dinner, drunk out of their heads!

New Years resolutions? To try and stop smoking. Again. Thats been my New Years resolution for the past three years, but theyre made to be broken, arent they?