ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”


Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)


Group: B52s

Male Singer: Peter Gabriel

Female Singler: Whitney Houston/Kate Bush

Single: “Rage Hard” — Frankie/”Dont Give Up” — Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush

Album: “Liverpool” — Frankie/”So” — Peter Gabriel

Music TV Programme: The Tube

Non-musuc TV Programme: Golden Girls

DJ: Kid Jensen

Film: Highlander/Ginger And Fred

TV Advertisement: Angel Delight

Dressed Person: Harrison Ford

Most Promising New Act: Pet Shop Boys

Most Fanciable Person: My mother/Max Headroom


Group: The Banned

Single: “Something Out Of Nothing” — Letitia Dean and Paul Medford

Video: “Warriors Of The Wasteland” — Frankie Goes To Hollywood

TV Programme: Crossroads

DJ: Mike Read

TV Advertisement: Mentadent P

Dressed Person: Martin Degville

Most Very Horrible Thing: Samantha Foxs tits on Spitting Image/Shanghai Surprise

Most Completely Useless Person: Margaret Thatcher