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EX-FRANKIE Goes To Hollywood singer Holly Johnson claims that ZTT is preventing him from recording for an AIDS benefit album.

Johnson, who is seeking to terminate his contract with ZTT in a legal action that will come to court next January, has already given an undertaking that he will not record for another label until his court case is resolved. He said that ZTT would not allow him to record for the AIDS benefit album without a guarantee that they would own the rights to the recording.

“I am really sorry that ZTT refuses to help out this wonderful charity. If all the other record companies acted this way, such profits as Band Aid would never have been possible.”

A spokesperson for ZTT — who provided Sarn Studios for the Band Aid single which was mixed by Trevor Horn — said they had no desire to hamper Holly Johnson in any way.

“We have always been supportive of any charity project and weve been trying all day to contact the people in charge of this record but without success. Weve no desire to be difficult in any way.”

At press time Sounds couldnt get hold of the AIDS record project either.