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Title: Frankie star goes to seed

Frankie star goes to seed

FRANKIE Goes To Hollywood star Brian Nash has admitted that he put on a stone and a half in weight through non-stop boozing and night-clubbing.

A year of round-the-clock drinking sessions, late-night curries and a hectic lifestyle has turned him into a bloated Michelin-man type figure.

Says the loony guitarist: “I’m so fat. I’ve been drinking non-stop for eight months and I couldn’t get enough of it. Each night I kept running out of time.

“Now I’ve got to lose one-and-a-half stone and I’ve cut out all alcohol. It’s a low-cal ginger ale for me now.”

The Frankie’s star, currently in the charts with Warriors, has also given up nightclubs and prefers to stay at home with his new wife.

“Clubs are boring,” says this hell-raiser, infamous for falling over drunk on stage. “I just got fed up with the whole lifestyle.”