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Pop Stars In Leather And Studs Shock!: You might have noticed that Frankie Goes To Hollywood (when theyre not on Top Of The Pops) seem to enjoy kitting themselves out in all manner of leather and rubber outfits. Take a look for yourselves. They probably think theyre being desperately outrageous, but Start knows better. Over the last few years, everyone from Bucks Fizz to Soft Cell have been “getting into” leather n chains. And here are the pics to prove it…

  1. Heres Frankie (Paul and Holly, actually).
  2. Freddie Mercury of Queen: hes been dressing up like this for years.
  3. Glenn Hughes of Village People: making Frankie Goes To Hollywood look like Kate Bush.
  4. Soft Cell: they look quite normal for a change. Not sure about their friend though.
  5. Bucks Fizz: not quite them really, is it?
  6. Rob Halford of Judas Priest: must have left his whip in the coach.
  7. Gary Numan: a little outfit his mother made for him.
  8. Steve Strange: looks quite convincing like this, actually.
  9. Steve Norman: having the last laugh.