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Frankie claim ‘let go fireman riddle

THE ‘drunken Carlow firemen claim by top rock group Farnkie Goes To Hollywood took a dramatic turn this week.

A Co. Council boss has hotly denied that a fireman was ‘let go as a result of the claim.

Last week SUNDAY WORLD reported a claim by the group that firemen from Bagnelstown were ‘pissed when they arrived to deal with the chimney fire at the stately hide-away mansion Borris House which is used by the group.

Mr. Fintan ONeill, Carlows Assistant Chief Fire Officer, described the allegations as “ludicrous and totally untrue”.

He added: “Im not in the shit-slinging business, but if they start bringing the firemen into disrepute we will expose their conduct that night.”

But now SUNDAY WORLD has discovered that one of the firemen on duty that night back in September of last year has subsequently been let go.

Co. Council chiefs this week remained tight-lipped about the incident.

At a meeting Co Manager Michael Boyce said the fire had been dealt with “efficiently.”

He added, however, that a complaint about on fireman had been received “and I understand that action was taken.”

He refused to be draw on whether that move was linked with the fire at Borris House.

Co. Secretary Niall Bradley denied that any fireman was sacked as a result of the fire at Borris House.

But, he added: “We received complaints on other matters about one individual and disciplinary action was taken”.

Frankie is fronted by outrageous gay singer Holly Johnsons who recently revealed that he was having an affair with his personal manager, a young man called Wolfgang.

Frankies guitarist Brian Nash admitted that he was responsible for starting the fire.

He told ‘The Face magazine: “I threw this wicker basket on the fire — cos, like, you had to chop your own wood — and all the sparks went up the chimney.”

He added: “We had to get the fire brigade out at one oclock in the morning and they were all pissed.”