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Frankie make a wish come true

THIS is the magic moment when Bizarre made a special dream come true for one determined and dedicated teenager.

Seventeen-year-old Fiona Krebbs finally meets Frankie Goes To Hollywood face-to-face after a most incredible appeal to me for help.

For three months, trainee hairdresser Fiona toiled to write a 102ft-long fan letter to her favourite group. She wrote: “Please can I meet you” and “Please” a staggering 50,000 times, using 120 felt tip pens and covering more than 200 pages of paper.

Then she sent the letter to me, begging Bizarre to arrange a meeting with the five Liverpool lads.

At the weekend just hours before Frankie flew out of Britain at the the start of a ten-month world tour, Fionas dream came true.

And what a thrill it was! Fiona spent more than 30 minutes with the Frankies at their London hotel.

Her idol, bass guitarist Mark OToole, kissed and hugged her, saying: “I think you must be potty spending so much time doing this… but were all really flattered.”

Fiona, from Letchworth, Herts, said: “It was a dream come true. The Frankies are truly fabulous.”