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Frankie goes and lets us down

IT WAS magnificent, in the Mails coverage of the return of the Liverpool and Everton soccer teams, to see all the Liverpool people united. What a terrific boost to our city and morale.

But then I read with horror and disgust about the Liverpool pop-group Frankie Goes To Hollywood doing £100,000 damage at the Montreux Festival. The Liverpool image takes another hiding because of their mindless behaviour.

MARY MILNE, Victoria Road, Waterloo, Liverpool.

…At a time when English soccer clubs are desperately trying to repair the image of the Englishman abroad, it is sickening to see the destructive antics of rock group Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Their actions should not go unpunished. I suggest their passports should be taken away from them for two or three years and the broadcasting companies should ban all their music for the same period.

D. HARRIS, St Andrews Road, Upper Colwyn Bay, Clwyd.