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Welcome to the all-new official Frankie goes to Hollywood Fan Club, and what a great club it is! Due to overwhelming demand the only official fan club was launched on Monday November 10th — to coincide with the release of Warriors of the Wasteland, and to prepare for the second part of Frankies plan to dominate the World!

In the first few weeks we have received hundreds of your letters and calls from all over Great Britain, Europe, America and the Far East, all wanting to join the new club, and tell us about yourselves and your friends and talk about Liverpools greatest export since football!

Over the coming months we want to talk to as many of you as we can, on the Clubline phone number, by letter and especially at the live dates. We want to know what you want from the Club — and we want to put your writing talents to the test in the newsletters!


We want to hear your ideas for the Club, what you want to hear about the band, and what else you would like to see in the coming issues, such as Penpals, Swops and Want Ads, articles and competitions and profiles.


The Clubline is in the Fan Club office and manned all day — by whoever is standing closest when it rings! If you want to ring at any other times, just make friends with the Answerphone — best message each month wins a mention!


We would like to meet you all personally, but not having forty hours in each day, weve got to make do with seeing some of you at special events all ideas welcome!

As the official fanclub for Frankie Goes To Hollywood, we will do our best to get all your messages to the lads, but please understand how busy they are, and dont get too upset if you have to put up with us loyal employees!


What day could be more appropriate for tying the knot than American Independance day? At least thats what Nasher and Claire thought when they chose the Fourth of July as their wedding day. Great secrecy surrounded the ceremony and reception, but we can now reveal that the honeymoon was delayed by a Saturday morning train ride to London to catch Rod Stewart in concert!

Sunday found the intrepid couple aboard a Jumbo jet bound for the sunny Seychelles. Having settled into the holiday rhythm, Nash decided to put Claires nursing abilities to the test when a combination of sunbathing and fishing led to a severe case of sunstroke!

The luck of the Liverpudlians did not desert them for long though, as the holiday was extended by a day courtesy of Air Seychelles, when the jumbos on-board computer threw a wobbly, and everything stopped for tea — and a replacement flown out specially from Paris.

Mr and Mrs Nash are now firmly embedded in a three bedroomed flat in Maida Vale along with cats Clancey and Chelsea.


Heads were turning in Hampstead recently as young Peter Gill arrived at top car dealers H.R. Owen to become proud owner of a dazzling black Ferrari sports car, complete with white leather seats and mobile phone!

Peds now making room garage to fit in the new set of wheels next to the Capri Beach Buggy!


Anybody travelling up the A1 to Newcastle upon Tyne on Friday the 30th of October at about 5.30 may be forgiven for wondering who was the loonie in the low-flying blue missile who whistled past them in the fast lane! No, we cry, it wasnt Superman, Batgirl or even Captain Courageous — it was your intrepid reporter trying to make up the hour he lost by turning left at Leeds and heading back towards Liverpool!

We finally made it up to Tyne Tees Telly at twenty past six, and having talked our way past the nicest Doorman I have EVER met(grovel grovel), we crept into Studio Five just in time to see Spandau Ballet mouthing their new single (stop yawning at the back) — good job the tape recorder didnt break down!

The only interesting bit of the song was the sight of three roadies trying to pick up a seven-foot Womble who had fallen over in the middle of the studio (watch your video!).

A bit of outside-the-Studio stuff came next while Holly, Paul, Nasher, Ped and Mark got ready to do their bit. Jools Holland sounded excited for the first time all night, and the boys were away….

Our story actually starts on a cold and blustery Thursday morning at Heathrow Airport. Courtesy of British Airways the lads were whisked up to sunny Tyne-Tees land in time for rehearsals, follow by some serious use of the swimming pool at the Gosforth Park Hotel. Thursday night was party night and all were invited to the Tuxedo Princess, a rather posh club on a rather large boat parked under the suspension bridge. Highlights of the evening were undoubtedly Peter Oxendale (the bands live Keyboards player) playing the ships piano for an all-in singsong, and Marks brother Ged (second guitar on stage) getting slightly locked in the gents (say no more if you like your job — ed).

Back to the show, the set started with Lunar Bay, and all of a sudden evrybody started to bop — even the guys in the Womble suits looked happy! In no time at all we were all dancing, but not to be outdone Paul got so excited his shades went flying across the stage, rapidly followed by a jacket and several keen souvenir hunters! Rage Hard closed the show, but after the “ON AIR” signs all went off we were treated to a full version of Warriors ready for future transmission.

By the end of the set everyone was ready for a night out, but the lads, all being quiet unassuming types settled for a quiet visit to Julies (the nightclub, not the house) for a Halloween party followed by a Curry to celebrate Geds birthday.

Next mornings trip back down the motorway was much more civilised, only to get home and find the video had recorded two hours of BBC2 instead of Channel Four — Oh well, thats life!


How many of you have secretely drooled at the thought of looking after the band — and ministering to their every need? Well… meet Jenny — the lady who, through sheer grit and determination (and a helluva lot of luck!) landed herself the plum job of Personal Assistant to the famous five.

For the past 18 months Jenny has laboured day in and day out to make sure that everything (both domestic and professional) runs without a hitch. With five hectic lives to look after, her time is seldom her own — but she loves every minute of it! “Miss Fix-it” sorts out evry detail on personal holiday bookings, concert and theatre tickets, planning photo sessions, TV shows, interviews etc., even domestic hassles like paying the gas billshelping to buy houses and flats (she even talks to estate agents and solicitors!)… and shes recently been roped in to choosing furniture!

So how did she get this one-in-a-million job, I hear you ask? “While I was working at Island Records as Marketing Assistant, I got to hear through the grapevine that Tony Pope (Frankies manager) was looking for someone… so I wrote straight away. He rang me up when he got my letter and I raced over to see him. We got on so well that he offered me the job there and then.”

What does Jenny say to the chances of any of you would-be Frankie PAs out there? “I wouldnt hand over… for anything!”


Remember the fantastic live version of Warriors on “Rock around the Dock” — Bet you wish youd taped it!

Tony Pope, the boys manager keeps disappearing off to Los Angeles ‘on business — from the suntan we all reckon american record company offices must be equipped with sunlamps!

Jenny is off to Gran Canaria soon for her hols — free icecream to the first club member to spot her!

The new single will be “Watching the Wildlife” — due out early in the new year.



Monday July 28th

Today seems the most appropriate day to start my diary because today we begin all the promotion for the new single “Rage Hard”.

Today Holly had an interview with ‘The Face, and Nasher and Paul with ‘Sunday magazine. I had arrangements to make for “Rock around the Dock”, a T.V. special to be held in Liverpool. Its being held on Wednesday, and I need to make the Hotel bookings and travel arrangements for us all to get up there.

Wednesday July 30th

Up early and into the office. When the cab arrives I go round to Pauls to collect him, and then to Euston to get on the train to Liverpool. The others have gone to Liverpool the day before to see their families so it was just Paul and I travelling today. Tony, the bands manager, has spent a few days on holiday in Cornwall and was driving up to Liverpool today to meet us there.

Arrive at the hotel, and then straight down to a very wet dockside for afternoon rehearsals. The set was very wet, and I was worried that the boys, especially Holly, might slip and fall into the Mersey! Back to the hotel where we all had something to eat and the boys did individual interviews with Ted Mico from ‘Melody Maker and photo sessions. Back to the docks around 10pm to record the show — via an old ambulance to stop the boys getting mobbed — then back to the hotel afterwards and spend the rest of the evening in the bar!

Thursday July 31st

Up early for the journey home. Paul and I travel home with Tony by car — the rest of the band are due to travel back on the train at 11 oclock in time for afternoon interviews and photosession in London.

All the next week is tied up with interviews and photos — times and venues constantly changing — Lorraine, their press officer from ZTT, and the cab firm both work overtime!

Wednesday August 6th

HOLIDAY! — off to Israel for 2 week so Im leaving them all to it. Apart from the interviews the biggest commitment is Monday 18th, the video of Rage Hard is being shot at East Greenwich Gasworks in South East London.

Thursday August 21st

Back from hols and things are hotting up for the single release next week. Ped and Mark are in the middle of buying flats and both have appointments with solicitors in the office. Arrangements to be made for tomorrows appearance on ‘Wogan.

Friday 22nd August

Wogan today.

The band are due at the studio for 2.15 rehearsal, and as the studio is only down the road from the office they come back here between rehearsals and the actual filming. Ped moves into his new flat.

Monday August 25th

Single released today. Sales go very well on its first day in the shops. Arrangements to be made for tomorrows trip to Belgium.

Thursday August 28th

Band return from Belgium where they have been filming a T.V. show, all went well. Holly and Nasher straight to TV AM from the airport for an interview for screening tomorrow morning.

Friday August 29th

Interviews all afternoon in the office with Mark and Paul. ‘Rock around the Dock on TV tonight. Mid week charts say single has gone in at number 6.

Monday September 1st

Holly doing an interview or ‘Music Box in the morning, and all the band going to Amsterdam in the afternoon for a T.V. show. I have to organize the telephone and electricity for Peds new flat.

Wednesday September 3rd

Band return from Amsterdam and head for BBC for afternoon rehearsals of Top of the Pops. They had their costumes all planned, but decided it didnt quite work out, so Tony and I made a mad dash from the BBC to the Kings Road in between rehearsals and taping to get something together for them to wear.

Monday September 8th

Euro T.V. shows again this week. Band due to leave for Madrid this afternoon. Meeting today with David Griffiths about the setting up of a new Fan Club. Band away for the rest of the week.

Tuesday September 16th

Interviews all day for all the band — office hectic. Ped needs some work done on his flat — arrange for a builder to call tomorrow and ring early to get Ped up!

Thursday September 18th

Photo session all afternoon for all the band for a major German magazine in Fulham!

Friday September 19th

International telephone interviews with Sweden and Japan. Another meeting about the new fanclub.

Wednesday 24th September

Band to Paris for Euro Promotions until Friday, Ped then goes straight to Belgium for the car racing. Peds new garage door arrives — arrange for someone to fit it!

Thursday 2nd October

Holly to Germany for the day to pick up an award the band have won — the single reached Number 1 over there. Paul, Mark and Ped to Liverpool for interviews and to spend the week with their family.

Wednesday 15th October

Tony flies out to L.A. to find out whats happening recordwise etc. out there.

Monday 20th October

Album released today. The boys go into the studios for the next 10 days to practice for the forthcoming live session on the ‘Tube.

Thursday 23rd October

David Griffiths from the Fan Club due at 1pm for lunch. Took him to see the boys in the studio and introduced him — I think he was impressed.

Wednesday 29th October

Making arrangements for hotels and flights for the Tube in Newcastle — confirmed itinery with the record company.

Thursday 30th October

Band leave from Heathrow for Newcastle…


Frankie plan to tour Japan, Australia and the U.S. of A. soon — dates to be announced.

Ped and Mark are well keen on T.V.s “Bullseye” — the office is currently echoing to Liverpudlian Jim Bowen impressions!

Warriors of the wasteland is out on seven inch and TWO twelve inch mixes — have you got them all ?


Kicking off on January Manchesters GMEX Frankie begin their 1987 promote the fabulous new album!

As anyone whos seen the boys in concert knows, this is a live experience not to be missed, and with only five dates confirmed in the U.K., theres no time to be wasted in applying for your tickets.

At this very moment the band are hard at work rehearsing at a secret venue in London, and I can assure you that the way they are sounding and looking, this is going to be the most visually and musically powerful tour to date.

See you there!


JAN 10 — GMEX Manchester

JAN 12/13 — Wembley

JAN 19 N.E.C. Birmingham

JAN 22 S.E.C. Glasgow

JAN 26 Florence, Italy

JAN 27 Rome, Italy

JAN 29 Milan, Italy

JAN 30 Padova, Italy

FEB 2 Paris, France

FEB 4 Rotterdam, Holland

FEB 6 Berlin, Germany

FEB 7 Hanover, Germany

FEB 9 Brussels, Belgium

FEB 10 Frankfurt, Germany

FEB 12 Munich, Germany

FEB 13 Dortmund, Germany

FEB 14 Hamburg, Germany


  1. This competition is open to all genuine Frankie fans excepting the bands Agents and their Fan Club management.
  2. The prizes as described will be awarded to those entrants who submit all-correct answers to the questions, and who, in the opinion of the judges, have suggested the most imaginative title for the next Club Newsletter.
  3. The judges decision is final and legally binding.
  4. The competition closes 16th January 1987 and prizewinners will be notified by 26th January 1987. The competition result can be obtained by sending a s.a.e. to the Club address after 26th January 1987.


  • The Boys on tour!
  • Live on Stage with Frankie! profiles of the backing musicians and crew.
  • Photos, gossip and interviews with the lads!



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So hurry and get your pens out — the closing date for entries is 16th January 1987!

(* as scheduled at time of going to press)


  1. What are the family ties between Nasher and Mark?
  2. “Relax” was the second biggest selling U.K. single in 1984 — What was No. 1?
  3. Who directed the video for “Rage Hard”?
  4. What is the running time of the “Liverpool” album?
  5. Which song finally knocked “Relax” off the No. 1 spot?

Now think of a suitable title for the next issue of the Club Newsletter.





The “next issue of the Club Newsletter should be called

Send to “Paris” Competition”, P.O. Box 4, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY9 8DQ.