ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

Frankies London live stint ended with The Lads metal hero Lemmy grunging round onstage for a barnstorming, rip-roaring guitar-searing ‘Relax. All the band,even H and Paul R, wore Motorhead T-shirts — but the overall effect was slightly spoilt when Nasher attempted a flash stage exit and fell flat on his bum.

The nights festivities continued back at the Chelsea Holiday Inn where many people found themselves in the pool fully clothed courtesy of Ped and his mates. None of the group except Peter Oxendale were doused, although various members of the Holiday Inn staff were lobbed in at the deep end including the female manageress.

More unseemly cavorting ensued when Lemmy and The Lads attempted to break the world record for packing semi-clad people, not necessarily men, and not necessarily Sammy Fox who was Lemmys date for the evening, into a broom cupboard. Rock and roll! Phewww…