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Title: Frankly rude!
Author: Gill Pringle


THE official Frankie Goes To Hollywood book was last night banned for obscenity. Distributors angrily rejected the book, And Suddenly There Came A Bang, after totting up the rude words.

But the controversial Liverpool lads - whose first single Relax was banned by the BBC - claim there are only a few swear words in the book, and it was okayed months ago.

Author Paul Morley, a director of the band’s record company, said: “It’s very irritating. We had some problems with, the photographs so we complied and took those out and now they say it’s the words.

“It stinks. It’s censorship and it’s ugly. I thought this sort of thing had been sorted out with D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover in the Sixties. This shouldn’t have happened in 1985.”

But Jim Burns, chairman of Magazine Marketing and Distribution, which was due to handle the book, disagreed: “I can count up twenty-eight swear words in just four pages at a glance.

“We are not moralists or anything like that, but these books are going to be displayed in shops and will be seen by youngsters and people who could be offended.”