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Title: Fury as Frankie goes over the top
Author: Gill Pringle
Source: The Daily Mirror

TOP British rock band Frankie Goes To Hollywood went too far when they visited Switzerland.

A local cameraman was cut on the head by flying debris as the rockers smashed up their equipment on stage.

Then the wild men went on a £20,000 rampage of destruction in Montreux, scene of the BBC’s Golden Rose Festival.

They wrecked fittings at the Festival Hall, and caused shaos in the kitchens at a casino. where they hels a bottle-throwing contest.

The the fearsome Frankies went on to frolic woth naked girls at a star-studded party

A doctor had to be called to treat Frankie singer Holly Johnson, who twisted an ankle.

Cameraman Jean-Pierre Jordan said later: “That terrible group give Britain a bad name.”

But BBC producer Michael Hurll angered Swiss officials by claiming: “It made great TV.”