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Title: Frankie - still outrageous
Source: TV Times
Publish date: 23-29 August 1986

Frankie - still outrageous

LIKE THE Sex Pistols, that other outrageously controversial group of recent times, Frankie Goes To Hollywood has often succeeded in offending parts of the British public that other musicians fail to reach. Frankie has been banned, censored and reviled for its image, lyrics and sexuality - but none of it stopped the group from becoming the most successful pop band of the Eighties (see them in Rock Around the Dock; ITV Friday). It’s first three singles all went to Number One. Touring, recording and taking a break has kept the group from the charts for 18 months, but not the headlines. Most recently, they told of Frankie wrecking instruments at the Montreux pop festival. Rage Hard is the band’s new single; nothing has changed for Frankie.