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Title: Frankie goes where?
Source: Standard
Publish date: 28 January 1986


FANCY the job of lead singer with Frankie Goes To Hollywood? Three of the band have been o11’ering the place to musician friends - without the knowledge of the present incumbent, songwriter and image - maker Holly Johnson,

Guitarist Brian Nash, bass player Mark O’Toole and drummer Ped Gill have been gossiping to friends in other Liverpool bands, telling them they were sick of Holly and wanted to be “a serious band.”

However, none of the friends has taken them up on the offer.

There have been disagreements,” confirms a spokeswoman for FGTH. “But they’re not splitting, and it doesn’t mean that one member won’t be involved in the band’s future.”

But will that statement reassure Frankie’s other charismatic singer Paul Rutherford? The other band members have been moaning about him too.

The group have now gone to battle it out in Jersey, where they are writing material for their new album, and trying to come up with a follow up to their hit single Welcome to the Pleasure Dome, which was released almost a year ago.

Perhaps ace record producer Trevor Horn will whip them into line, He starts recording with them in March.