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FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOODS controversial hit, “Relax”, (which last week went to number 1 in the MM Top 50), has been unofficially banned by individual BBC producers.

Theyve decided not to play it due to the sexually explicit nature of the lyrics.

One noteworthy ban has been BBC TVs “Top Of The Pops” show, although they clain that new entries in the Top 40 gave them no space to feature the record, while Radio 1 deejay Mike Read started the ball rolling two weeks ago when he refused to play the record on his breakfast show.

Many Radio 1 and BBC TV producers have now followed suit, but according to a “Top Of The Pops” spokesperson, its not received a complete BBC ban.

“Theres no one person at the BBC who can ban this record,” says the spokesperson. “Individual producers make their own minds. ‘Top Of The Pops featured the record as it came into the charts, but two weeks ago — when it was at number two — there was so much new material in the Top 40 that there wasnt space to include it.”

Whether the record will be featured on “Top Of The Pops” this week is open to debate. “Until we get the official Gallup chart we cant say,” said the spokesperson. “We dont predict things in this business.”

Frankie themselves are bitterly disappointed that they did not appear on “Top Of The Pops” last week.

The band were unavailable for comment as we closed for press.