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One to 1

Im not at all happy with this latest craze involving 12" singles. Just lately there seem to be so many different versions of the same single in shops.

One example is ‘Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. I bought the 12" single last week after hearing a friends copy. When I got it home it wasnt the same version.

I then noticed hidden away on the sleeve that the copy Id forked out £2 for was the ‘sex mix (why on earth its called that is beyond me) — its a long version of a boring beat bearing no relation whatsoever to the single.

I always thought that the 12" was the extended version of the 7" — not some completely different record!

I feel really bitter.

Mr Angry alias Todd Kristel, Halesowen. West Midlands.

Todd, mate, have a £5 record token on us and buy the right one.

“Okay schmuck face, nobody said you had to buy our 12"”

I think Radio One is disgusting not playing Frankie Goes To Hollywoods single.

They used to have a jingle that went “the station of the nation”. They can hardly be the station of the nation when they wont play the nations most popular single.

Why did it get to No.1? Ill tell you, because a lot of people didnt think it was obscene and were broadminded enough to make up their own minds about it, instead of having it made up for them by the BBC.

Something I think is really obscene is the way they exploit their positions as DJs by always announcing where theyre going to be running discos over the weekend. Radio One jockeys give their personal appearances lots of airplay so the attendance figures go up and theyll get more money.

On top of that we have to hear all the requests from their personal appearances instead of those that are sent in by ordinary listeners.

Perhaps when Radio One gets its house in order it might be more justified in taking a stance against what it considers obscene. For the moment, it just stinks.

John Hoadley, Maistone.