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Champagne corks popped and salaries were raised as Frankie Goes To Hollywoods shock horror record ‘Relax zoomed towards the No.1 spot with Mike Reads generous assistance.

Incidentally, Islands only other chart-topper was by Buggles, who included Frankies producer Trevor Horn in their ranks. Whispers grandad points out that the last Liverpool group to top the charts was The Beatles

Is it a new edition of Its A Knockout? Is it an attempt to get into the Guinness Book Of Records bed section? Or is it Frankie Goes To Hollywood staging a Roman orgy with clothes on for the video of ‘Relax?

If you twigged it was the Frankies, youll want to know whats going on.

Shot in an East End theatre decked out as a club, the video was directed by Bernard Rose, of UB40 video fame.

In it, singer Holly plays an innocent young chap in the city who “descends into the hell of decadence and enjoyment”.

He ends up being thrown to a tiger (played by the son of the Esso tiger — fact!) by an Emperor Nero character. But there is a happy ending: Hollys reprieved and everyone has a party.

A spokesman for ZTT Records described the video as “not particularly nasty — just a case of people having a good time”.

Even so, ZTT have decided to hedge their bets. A new promo was filmed in London under the direction of the Stiff video team.