ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”


In the good old days the word ‘crossover was used when ‘underground disco music crossed over from the dance charts to the main stream chart. Today, everyone seems to be crossing over from everywhere. Chart toppers Frankie Goes to Hollywood are among the latest and have placed their reputation in the hands of Denton Designs who are developing the game Frankie for Ocean.

The aggressive marketing techniques of Frankies creative producers, ZTT has been much in evidence and, together with Island Records they set up the deal with Oceans David Ward, with the three companies sharing the revenue from sales of the game. (Oh and Frankie Goes to Hollywood get a cut somewhere along the line.) Frankies Svenghali Paul Morley of ZTT, has apparently contributed to many of the initial ideas for what Ocean describes as a new concept in entertainment publishing. No details yet on what the game will be like except that its described as a ‘Spectacular, and is scheduled for an early Spring release at a price of £9.95. Better get in an order now for what must be the inevitable t-shirts bearing a legend like, ‘Frankie Says No More Shoot Em Ups.