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Lucky old Bruce Springsteen. Not only did he have the cheek to release ‘Dancing In The Dark again, but he got away with it! Frankie did that once with ‘Relax, you know.

Just for fun (well actually under orders from the Ed) the Stuff boffins have compiled a Top 5 of other peoples hits which Bruce Springsteen wrote. They are:

  1. FIRE Pointer Sisters
  2. BLINDED BY THE LIGHT Manfred Manns Earth Band
  3. BECAUSE THE NIGHT Patti Smith
  4. THIS LITTLE GIRL Gary U.S. Bonds
  5. BORN TO RUN Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Now before you write in telling us that Frankies version of ‘Born To Run hasnt been a hit — dont. We already know that, but its jolly famous as cover versions go and it also gives us a chance to give you a little known fact that further links Brucie with the lads. Did you know that Bruce wrote a track called ‘Frankie for his classic LP Darkness At The Edge Of Town which was rejected in the final mix. Well you do now…