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Welcome to the videodome

Frankie make new video and it wont be banned! Unlikely heading, isnt it? But the boys have done it this time with the accompanying piece for ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome.

No whips and chains this time, no national leaders beating each other to a pulp, no mock nativity — just some sumo wrestlers, a bear, a bearded woman and a girl who turns into a snake. Well what did you expect? A day at the funfair?

The Pleasuredome sees the Frankies teaming up again with director Bernard Rose — the man who gave you that ‘Relax video. And hes excelled himself with his version of Xanadu ‘85-style.

The story sees the lads on a joy ride to the Pleasuredome. Having nicked the car they hot-tail it down there while Paul and Holly, with a touch more class, make their grand entrance in a handy helicopter.

Once all are there its trouble a-plenty. Nash goes to the rescue of a comely wench whos tied to the back of a cart and is wheeled away himself. Ped gets attacked by a bear. Mark is lured into a bath by the snake-woman, who gives him a nasty turn.

And Paul and Holly fall down the throat of the king of S&M, the Marquis de Sade — or the “Markwis dee Shardy” as the band call him.

Sounds like The Golden Voyage of Sinbad to us. But of course were sure the BBC will know better…