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Frankie nicked

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOODS new video has been criticised by police.

They say that scenes from the bands new promo video, “Welcome To The Pleasure Dome”, encourages youngsters to flout the law. The video — which shows the band stealing a car and then drinking while driving — has already been shown on BBC1s ‘Top Of The Pops”.

“They are irresponsible idiots who should know better and this video should be banned from our screens,” says Harry Tranter, a police crime prevention officer from Liverpool.

ZTT disagree.

“The whole video is clearly presented as a fantasy,” says a spokesman, “and to start claiming that the video is going to encourage kids into stealing cars is going over the top.”

On a brighter note, ZTT are to present five of their other acts at Londons Ambassadors Theatre during May. Propaganda, The Art Of Noise, Instinct, and composer Andrew Poppy are all to be featured. More details soon.