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Bang goes Frankie

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD have been banned again. Their 34-page glossy magazine, “And Suddenly There Came A Bang”, will not be sold in major shops including W. H. Smiths and Menzies because the distributors allege that it is “peppered with swear words”.

The book had already run into problems over its photographic content and certain pictures had to be removed before distributors were prepared to handle it. Due to be published by ZTT on March 18, a last-minute decision to stop distribution was taken by Jim Burns, managing director of MN and DS Ltd.

He said: “When copies arrived we were extremely surprised to find part of the magazine we had not received in proof form was peppered with swear words. I can count up to 28 swear words in just four pages at a glance.

“Were far from being prudish, but we have to look at the total proportion of the public who could buy this magazine.”

Roughly 60,000 copies of the new book are now held by the distributors, but you should still be able to obtain a copy by writing direct to ZTT at 8/10 Basing Street, London W11, and enclosing a cheque for £2.50, post and packing included.

Meanwhile, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, whove just released their new single “Welcome To The Pleasure Dome”, have issued a statement to clarify the implications of an ad for the single which states: “The best thing: discovering the works of the Marquis de Sade with a partner of your choice”.

Frankie now say: “We would like to take this opportunity to confirm that we do not agree with the Marquis de Sades thoughts that sex while killing someone is the ultimate orgasm, preferring in this instance to agree with Wordsworth when he talked of ‘the pleasure that there is in life itself”.