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Frankie say Ocean

FRANKIES come back from Hollywood to teach your computer how to relax in a game which will be launched within the next few months.

A deal has been made between Ocean Software, Island Records and ZTT, the bands creative producers, to produce a Frankie Goes to Hollywood game for the Spectrum and the Commodore 64.

David Ward from Ocean says “The game interprets the Frankie Goes to Hollywood concept of life imitating art”, — if that doesnt leave you any the wiser, he adds, “the impact of the name and the concept of Frankie Goes To Hollywood translate into a game — you could describe it as an inimated strategy adventure played on several levels.”

The revenue from the game will be split between the three companies involved in its production with royalties goies to the band. The band will be doing their share by signing autographs and generally promoting the game.