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Tribal warfare

We all know how shocked the BBC was by Frankie Goes To Hollywoods video for ‘Relax. But even the lads themselves were shocked by their new promo for ‘Two Tribes!

“We were in Europe when the ideas for it were being conceived,” explains Paul Rutherford, “so wed left it in the hands of Godley and Creme, the producers.

“We flew back from Nice on the morning we filmed the video. And we were stunned!”

What Godley and Creme had done was to take the meaning of ‘Two Tribes in a very literal sense. They showed Reagan and Chernenko, the leaders of the USA and USSR, fighting it out hand to hand, watched by representatives from all round the world.

“It is quite graphic,” says Paul, “But I dont think itll be banned this time.

“I dont think anyonell do us the favour!”

No.1 cant reveal who wins this clash of the titans battle but we can promise an epic battle.

“‘Two Tribes isnt just about fighting, though” says Paul. “Its about any form of conflict thats going on for no reason.

“We just want people to realise how stupid the whole thing looks when war is stripped down to its basic form!”

Paul Bursche. Photos: Alan Ballard.