ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

Just when you thought there wasnt anything left in the entire universe that Frankie hadnt put their name to, along comes Frankie Goes To Hollywood — The Computer Game. Produced by Ocean Software it costs £9.95, and includes a free cassette featuring a ‘special live recording of ‘Relax taken from The Tube. The game itself is apparently based on a ‘concept by ZTT about ‘life imitating art, and is meant to be a ‘computer interpretation of the ‘Welcome To The Pleasure Dome LP. In fact, apart from some of the graphics and a computery version of ‘Two Tribes, it hasnt really got that much to do with Frankie, but is a very fab game.

You start life as a little bloke (or blokette) with no personality, scuttling around the terraced streets of ‘Mundanesville, trying to collect everyday items like sperms and flak jackets. As you do this, a little bar graph shows how much of a ‘complete person youve become. Gradually you discover various parallel universes, where you have to perform all sorts of heroic feats (e.g. save Merseyside from destruction, shoot Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan etc.). Do all this (and lots more), and you eventually become a ‘complete person, and allowed into The Pleasure Dome.

Its not easy; I played all night and only achieved a personality rating of 35% (Quite accurate really — Ed.). Unfortunately, it seems Ver Lads themselves havent played it, so now well never find out whether Peds got a personality or not.

Vici MacDonald