ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”


What the jiggins is going on in this photograph? Here are two possible explanations. Can you guess which one is the complete and utter fib?

  1. Overjoyed at the news that Frankie Goes To Hollywood had sacked their vocalist, Mr Holly Johnson, and replaced him with a svelte damsel with a croaky voice and a trusty frightwig, Trevor Horn went out on the binge, consumed much rock n roll sauce and, forgetting that he already had a wife at home, got married to a hostess from the Price Is Right.
  2. Overwhelmed by the astonishing fact that he is not only the keyboard player for Frankie but also the keyboard player for Ms Bonnie Tyler, Peter Oxendale decided to get married to his long-time paramour and do the hokey-cokey with assorted select chums outside the church.