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Has Holly Johnson got pointy ears?

We would like to see how your “legendary cartoonist” Kipper Williams sees Frankie Goes To Hollywood. We think theyre much more “cartoon-genic” than Duran Duran.

George and Hilda, London SW6.

Sir Kipper Williams — come on down!

Holly Johnson: “He has this vaguely sinister look about him. His forehead is quite exposed and his ears are a bit pointed and they stick out, which is accentuated by his cropped hairstyle. And he almost looks like hes drowning in this massive suit. His head just about pokes out, like a worm crawling up out of the ground. His look is a bit decadent.”

Paul Rutherford: “He reminds me of someones uncle whos got all dressed up for a wedding, then has a few drinks and starts boogieing down, loosening up the tie and all that. I think its a contrived look and it isnt quite him. Hes got pretty distinctive eyebrows and a very angular jaw. His flat hairstyle also draws attention to a somewhat ‘square head.”

Brian ‘Nasher Nash: “Ive drawn him dreaming of a pint as he gives the impression hed much rather be down the pub. His eyes are quite slitty and Im never too sure whether its because hes got a hangover or not. His hair is always a mite wild and he looks a bit, well vague.”

Peter ‘Pedro Gill: “Looks a typical ‘big softie, like the drums are a new toy hes been given for Christmas and hes having a whale of a time trying them out. Hes got big, round ears while his tongue and teeth are always prominent. Hes rough and ready, and you gather he probably couldnt care less…”

Mark OToole: “I get the feeling hes about to take a swing at someone and is ready to lash out at the first wrong word. His earring is important and Id loosely compare him to a young John Lennon — he has a similar shape face and narrow eyes. But I also get the same feeling off him as I do from Nasher — theyd really much rather be down the pub!”