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Frankie say obscene!

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD are up against the censors — again. The most banned band of last year have infuriated print workers from the National Graphical Association in yet another “obscenity” controversy.

The printers have refused to publish copies of a new Frankie book, “And Suddenly There Came A Bang”, after seeing a drawing which they alleged showed “kinky sex acts between humans and animals”. A similar picture appeared on the back of the Frankie album, “Welcome To The Pleasure Dome”, with fig leaves in strategic places.

A spokesman for Frankie said this week: “Humans and animals… whether there are any humans in there I doubt very much. The whole thing is that the book has been banned by people whom Id stake a fair guess publish copies of ‘Penthouse. Whether they are then able to be a guide to morality, I wouldnt be able to answer. They obviously think they are.

“The book is absolutely wonderful, brilliant. It has great illustrations and photographs, and it makes the other Frankie books which were published over Christmas pale into insignificance. Maybe this will become the ‘Lady Chatterleys Lover of the 1980s and regarded as an all-time classic of modern art”